Lost Localhost


So I finally broke down and got a REAL domain name. http://www.lostlocalhost.com

Localhost is the loopback address for any given computer. It can also be represented by the IP The image of above was taken from a background I've had on my computer for years now. As a background image, it was appropriate. LOCALhost was displayed on my LOCAL computer. No domain name I could think of with my nickname or radio show name (Fuse/FuseBOX), or old nickname (Rubix) was available or sounded good, plus I already had that image on the site, so I used it. Being on the web = not so local = lost. Hence, lostlocalhost was born.

Now to expand like crazy on this place. Starting with a spellcheck for my blog posts. Then work will be done on the forum to make it actually interesting to go into.

Plans Later Tonight: Flight Lesson #2.