Lost Localhost

I Got Some Ink!

...well, some food coloring, actually. A while ago I had mentioned to the owners of learnmyshot.com that I'd like to see their take on inking: the process of using a colored liquid mixed into another liquid and getting interesting images out of them. They obliged, and I avoided doing chores for the wife for an afternoon.

Considering I do not have a lighting setup, gels, an off-camera flash, or a decent tank - I think a couple of these are decent for a first shot. Though, I still plan to do this again when I have a better way to light and shoot it.
Here are a couple of my favorites...

1/200 f/16 IOS100 1/200 f/22 ISO100

1/320 f/13 IOS100 1/200 f/22 ISO100
You can see the rest in the "Water and Fire" gallery.