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Stan wojenny w Polsce

A history lesson that interests me...
I'm trying to brush up on my Polish history, and after finding a great speech by Reagan given 28 years ago today it was the perfect time to start. The early 80's was a rough time to be in Poland. The Peoples Republic of Poland enacted Martial Law in an attempt to crush any opposition to the Communistic rule on December 13th, 1981. People were oppressed, media was monitored and controlled, private businesses were delegalized while other companies became under military management. The economy tanked driving up prices at least 20%. People lost thier lives.

On December 23rd, 1981 President Reagan gave an address to the nation and spoke about Poland. He announced that while private aid to it's citizens would continue, sanctions would also be in effect. "These actions are not directed against the Polish people. They are a warning to the Government of Poland that free men cannot and will not stand idly by in the face of brutal repression."

"I urge the Polish Government and its allies to consider the consequences of their actions. How can they possibly justify using naked force to crush a people who ask for nothing more than the right to lead their own lives in freedom and dignity? Brute force may intimidate, but it cannot form the basis of an enduring society, and the ailing Polish economy cannot be rebuilt with terror tactics.

Poland needs cooperation between its government and its people, not military oppression. If the Polish Government will honor the commitments it has made to human rights in documents like the Gdansk agreement, we in America will gladly do our share to help the shattered Polish economy, just as we helped the countries of Europe after both World Wars.
Yesterday, I met in this very room with Romuald Spasowski, the distinguished former Polish Ambassador who has sought asylum in our country in protest of the suppression of his native land. He told me that one of the ways the Polish people have demonstrated their solidarity in the face of martial law is by placing lighted candles in their windows to show that the light of liberty still glows in their hearts.

Ambassador Spasowski requested that on Christmas Eve a lighted candle will burn in the White House window as a small but certain beacon of our solidarity with the Polish people. I urge all of you to do the same tomorrow night, on Christmas Eve, as a personal statement of your commitment to the steps we're taking to support the brave people of Poland in their time of troubles.

Once, earlier in this century, an evil influence threatened that the lights were going out all over the world. Let the light of millions of candles in American homes give notice that the light of freedom is not going to be extinguished. We are blessed with a freedom and abundance denied to so many. Let those candles remind us that these blessings bring with them a solid obligation, an obligation to the God who guides us, an obligation to the heritage of liberty and dignity handed down to us by our forefathers and an obligation to the children of the world, whose future will be shaped by the way we live our lives today.

Christmas means so much because of one special child. But Christmas also reminds us that all children are special, that they are gifts from God, gifts beyond price that mean more than any presents money can buy. In their love and laughter, in our hopes for their future lies the true meaning of Christmas."
-President Ronald Reagan, Address to the Nation - December 23rd, 1981
Martial Law was lifted in 1983, but many form of control continued through the 80's. In 1989 Poland elected the first non-communistic president in Eastern Europe; Lech Wałęsa.

A comment on my comment.

In my last post, I made a quick update in the comments when I looked something up for a friend...
I just looked up the tax a buddy will have to pay because he chooses to not have medical insurance. It's in Title 5, Subtitle A, Part 1, Subpart A, SEC 501, Part VIII, Subpart A, SEC59B. wow.
The answer is 2.5% of income, BTW. That's right, you will now be required by law to buy a product or face a punishment. This is the first time this has ever happened in America. *facepalm*

...and today there is a story about how some organizations and lawmakers will be challenging this concept as unconstitutional.
On the first issue, Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., on Tuesday renewed the call to examine the constitutionality of whether the federal government can require Americans to purchase a product. "I don't believe Congress has the legal or moral authority to force this mandate on its citizens," Ensign said in a statement, raising what's known as a "constitutional point of order." Such procedural challenges are rare and typically lead to a vote. The non-profit Fund for Personal Liberty, as well as a Virginia-based group called the 10th Amendment Foundation, already have threatened to file suit in federal court over this issue if the health care bill passes.
The Constitution allows Congress to tax, borrow, spend, declare war, raise an army and regulate commerce, among other things. Proponents of the insurance mandate point to the Commerce Clause in arguing that Congress is within its rights to require health insurance and dismiss such potential legal challenges. But foes say the across-the-board requirement is too broad.
"I personally do not believe the Congress has the authority to enact an individual mandate requiring a person to purchase a product from a private seller," said Kent Masterson Brown, lead counsel with The Fund for Personal Liberty. "I don't think the power is there. This is not regulating anything." He said his group would be joined by the Washington Legal Foundation in filing suit against the health care bill.
Even though Obama argues that the mandate is similar to laws requiring drivers to obtain auto insurance, opponents cite several key differences. First, the auto insurance mandate is avoidable, since anyone who doesn't want to pay doesn't have to drive. Second, auto insurance is mandated in large part so that drivers carry liability insurance to cover damages to other people and cars -- not themselves. Third, auto insurance regulation occurs at the state level.
-Health Care Bill Could Face String of Legal Challenges

Talkin' 'bout my generation...

I just asked "So, assuming representatives truly represent the American people, why and how did this pass?"

Yet I think a large portion of my answer is in my post...
"Most adults under 30 approve of this plan"

The under 30 crowd. My generation. Many of whom might not get The Who reference in the title of this post. :) Many of which have succumbed to the 'gimme' mentality we have the stereotype for. Many of which have not finished college. Many of which have lost any sense of hard work. A generation which has a very short attention span. Most of my under 30 friends are hardcore liberals and it's so hard to understand why. When I really dig into it though it's because they fit into one of those categories. They have low paying jobs and blame the world on it. Maybe the stripping business wasn't the best life choice for you, and THAT's why you can't afford health insurance. Your career as an actor doesn't bring in the big bucks? Gee, that's no surprise. You didn't finish college and am struggling to jump-start your music career... you know in one of the hardest entertainment industries and can't afford the best health insurance? No-kidding... You dropped out of college and expect a great job? Despite how good of a person you are, why should I be forced to pay for your choices? To be fair, why should you have to pay for mine? God bless you all for doing something you believe in, but it's not my responsibility as a taxpayer to fill the gap in your pocket. (Perhaps my responsibility as a friend, but that is a not a mandate, or forced tax)

The sad thing is, all these people have or can get free/cheap health insurance. You get what you pay for. I don't have the best insurance because I choose to spend my money on other things like my home, a car, and cable TV. Plus when I do file a claim, I too have to pay thousands of dollars. Thanks God I finish college, didn't get hooked up on drugs or drinking, and realized that I only deserve what I work for and nothing should come free.

Man, I hate my generation.

Three out of Five citizens agree, the health care bill sucks!

60-40. That ratio represents two things. First, it is the ratio of votes that helped move the new healthcare plan through the senate. Second, it is the approximate ratio of people who oppose the bill to those who support.
Here's some stats from Rusmussen to back that up... (Week of Dec19th)
-55% opposed, 41% favor (Just 19% Strongly Favor the plan while 45% are Strongly Opposed)
-Senior citizens: 60% opposed, 33% favor
-32% of dems, 80% of rep, and 64% not affiliated with any party oppose the health care plan
-57% say passing nothing would be better than passing this, with 54% saying they will be worse off if it passes.
-53% say it will most likely lead to lower quality of care
-58% say it will drive the cost of care up
-66% say free market principals would reduce healthcare costs more than government
-Most adults under 30 approve of this plan, while a majority of every other age group oppose
Representatives have accepted what essentially equates to bribes in order to pass this. The public does not want this by a wide margin. It is unconstitutional to require someone to buy something just for living. These representatives purposely hide the bill, spend less time discussing it than most other bills, and fail to even read and understand everything that is in it. The goals outlined are either not met with this new legislation, or can be achieved with far less cost in the free-market system. This does not address tort reform, inter-state sales of insurance products, or massive fraud and financial shortfalls in the current government run medical systems. We are going to start paying immediately for this, but won't see results for 4 years. Ten years of payment will support six years of this healthcare. The majority of healthcare professionals fear this reform. Lawyers love this reform.
So, assuming representatives truly represent the American people, why and how did this pass?

You say Copenhagen, I say Copenhagen...

I was REALLY trying hard to stay off the topic of global warming, because I feel it doesn't deserve the be discussed with everything else going on in the world; but yet again, I fail at keeping my mouth shut and irony is in full force this month. The international meeting about global warming is being held in Copenhagen. What ungodly blistering heat will they encounter as this meeting about the immediate distruction of the globe by fire and drought?
 Forecast for Copenhagen - Wednesday
Cloudy with heavy snowfall. Maximum day temperatures around 2 degrees Celsius, minimum night temperatures around minus 3 degrees Celsius. Up to fresh wind.
Well, break out the suntan lotion and surfboard! IRONY!