Lost Localhost

Let's try THIS out...

ok, so hosting and managing my own blog system was awesome. Not only did I love "owning" it, but being able to tweak it and use it as my own design world for code testing was great as well.

So then I updated my OS, and also my web server. It didn't handle some of my conversions very well - so no posts would show. I decided to then redirect my domain to my photo site.

It's about time I bring this back. New hosting brings with it many changes. (I often say everything has pros and cons to it). It will now be much, much faster, with virtually no down time. Awesome. I won't be able to alter it like I use to though. We shall see how this fairs for me, and I'll also try to repost my old stuff - or at least my favorite ones, because I do have backups.