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Super Gay Post

Been a long time since I've posted here.
I had one all ready last week but got distracted by my kid. Who I had by having sex. With a woman...

Because that's what I do, because I'm not gay.


Gay marriage debate is going on in the SupC.
There's a few things about it that come to mind.

  • If gay marriage is legalized, will I become gay and marry a dude? (If so, then I'm against it. If not, then "eh, whatever")
  • For those fighting against because of tradition, and gender roles in the house, are you also fighting with as much gusto against heterosexual relationships that are messed up? I mean really... if you're going to push to dictate what others do, are you being fair in that?
  • For those fighting against gay marriage because of religious reasons, are you also fighting against other sins as well? I mean... everyone does that. Some sins we do choose, but we're all sinful by nature. Some are built in. Are you lobbying against smoking and drinking? Other government subsidized, taxed, or supported sinful activities? What about theft in the form of unauthorized redistribution of your money?
    Also, A church should be able to deny marrying anyone if it's against their teachings. You can't force a choice on a group. You can only go find a group, or start one of your own that fits what you believe.
  • For those who think people will marry tables/chairs/pets... Really? How many contracts has your dog signed? If they have perfect english diction, penmanship, and can pass a legal overview inquiry to the sanity and ability to make decisions on his/her own - then I wish you and Lassie the best.
    As for inanimate objects, no one would marry an object. The sex toy industry would go out of business if everyone were monogamous.
  • For those fighting against it for "the children" ... invoking children for emotional leverage - real classy. Again I bring up heterosexual couples. Are you fighting for all the completely fucked up and shitty heterosexual parents out there?
  • Flamboyant gay men gross me out. It's true. So do people who let their kids go crazy in public. So do heterosexual couples who do very private things in public. So do people who shorten words: "fab" means "fabulous" - just say the whole word, hippie. So does the Harlem Shake. (Banning the marriage of the Harlem Shake to youtube? Now THAT I would have supported)
    Being gross doesn't justify legal action or negating rights. It just means when I see it I have the freedom to let out an "ew" or other audible judgment. It would be under my breath, of course. I don't want to offend anyone.

I personally believe that a child is best brought up in a home with a man and woman. If I thought differently, I'd do differently. I also believe there are gender roles in a family - and that's ok. If another couple (regardless of their sex) think differently, that's ok for them. Will I judge them any more than I already judge other parents? Hell no. It will be the exact same amount. Come on, I'm not homophobic. Just human...and an asshole sometimes... funny. I'm also Funny.

The purpose of regulation and law should be to regulate actions that may impede on another persons right to health and freedom. A regulation on smoking in public keeps your second hand smoke out of my lungs. (In private or in a space specialized for smoking, you're all good) A ban on murder keeps me safe from harm. A law keeping you from threatening me with your weapon keeps me safe. (also keeps you safe from me returning fire.) A ban on gay marriage does nothing for heterosexuals, nor does it impede a heterosexuals access to health or liberty. If it's legal, I won't wake up someday married to a man. If I was, thank God it's so easy to get a divorce in this country.

Basically, it affects some of my friends, but I don't care about them "because they're gay". That's not why we're friends - just like I'm not friends with anyone else because they like the opposite sex. Why is it even an issue to just say "sure, you can be just like everyone else because I don't care where you choose to put your penis, as long as you don't put it near me". (Same rule applies to my straight friends, BTW)

While I truly believe this country was founded on religious principals, the primary purpose was to create a country where the government wouldn't get in the way of your thoughts, feelings, and expression. Get government out of all marriages.