Lost Localhost

Visualizing May...Fin

Ok, so I realize it's June 10th. Yes, I'm late. It happens. Part of it was because I had two photo jobs this last week. (Big thanks to Beth, Lisa, and Emily) Part of it was visiting family. All of it made me slightly disappointed I missed some shots.

On to the pics.

May 22nd
I was taking pictures of a buddy's new house and saw this... It was a spur of the moment shot, and in hindsight I should have moved the leaves. :/
1/200 F/2.8 ISO100

May 23rd
Quick snap of a big dog...Dull, I know
1/400 F/2.8 ISO100 (Like it matters on this one?)

May 24th
Shuffleboard at a local bar. Fun times playing this...
1/80 f/3.5 ISO1600

May 25th
This is just on the inside walkway of the Wrigley building. We love seeing exposed brick in the Chicago streets.
1/8 f/2.8 ISO800

May 26th
I tried to get a duplicate image from the first day I had my camera on the DuSable bridge - but couldn't quite get it because I didn't have a wide enough lens on me. Had to do a lot of fixes on this and the next shot, so am "eh" on them.
1/2 f/7.1 ISO800
Image I was trying to recreate

May 27th
WBing in the city sucks. Was shooting for an old-timy hdr feeling here
1/4 f/2.8 ISO800

May 28th
Ahhh Wacker on a quiet Sunday morning...
1/5 f/7.1 ISO800

May 29th
Here is one of my favorite shots of the jobs we did... This adorable girl was amazing eyes.
1/200 f/2.8 ISO200

May 30th
Not that embarasing, but the wife DID take the next two of me for failing at the end of the month so badly.
1/15 f/2.8 ISO3200

May 31st
1/40 f/2.8 ISO400

So how'd I do? "Eh"...
It was fun and I get a lot of great shots out of the exercise. More than anything I think I realized I like photography more than I thought I would have. This was much harder than I had thought it would be and I broke some rules, especially at the end - but I did learn quite a bit.
I expect to do more of these types of photo project in the future - just not this extended.