Lost Localhost

Pissed off...

Yes, I'm angry enough to get on the border of sewaring somewhere that my family looks at. Sorry mom, sorry dad, sorry to my aunt - I'm no angel for the following post. I"M FU@(ING PISSED off!

On Memorial Day my wife and I went to a friends house for good times. We (the host and I) invited two of our friends. With these two friends they brought thier perspective girlfriends and another person who we know as the driver. All is good, the more the merrier, whatever... We played bags, I cooked some food on the grill, good times were had by all. Wifey and I left early because she wasn't feeling so well.

The next day we find out more than $100 was stolen from the hosts best friends purse. PISSED. Apparently she saw the two girlfriends walking away from the kitchen where her purse was and they left the purse wide open with both her checkbook and wallet out on the counter. She didn't say anything at the time because she didn't want to cause a scene, which the host and I are upset about now. No one will admit to stealing it, and my 'friends' are defending the girl who we think took it. One of the girls was somewhat social, and outside with us playing bags almost the whole time. The other girl was drinking quite a bit, and many times in the house alone while the rest of us were outside playing games or cooking. She was not social with us, and pretty much there to drink. Obviously she denies it. The other girlfriend denies knowing anything about it. One of my friends immediately got defensive and the other blames the dog for opening a purse on a counter she can't reach, opening up the wallet AND checkbook. The dog is cute, but she isn't that smart. I doubt it would be anyone else there because we were all friends of the host. Even theives try to not steal from friends. You'll steal from someone you wont ever see again in a house you're never going to goto again.

I understand the reason for stealing, I really do. You want something, and can take it. I just have morals and empathy. I don't do it because it's wrong. That money was going to be used to buy gifts for her husband who's in Afganistan right now!

Between issues at work, the Air Force thing, and this it's been a very rough two weeks. Oh well: I'm employed and impressing people and am managing to keep wifey happy lately - so it's not ALL bad. =)
I have to go put my halo back on now and write about my new weapon purchase: M&P 9mm.

Short and bitter...

Medically DQd for a waiver I had in for a proceedure that I thought was allowed. Still looking into ETP proceedures, but it's not looking too good.
I'm too broke to go back to school, and too old to live with parents to lessen bills (and the wife would just LOVE that =/ ) so I have no clue what I'm going to do now. Just suck it up and realize hating your job and location is just part of life?

EH, I'll figure it out.

Job Security...

When I was a child I remember seeing my father come home from work stressed out. He would sometimes be red in the face, mumble about things that really didn't matter just because he had work still on his mind, and basicly would vent through cooking. It made me almost upset at his company that it had this affect on him and I expressed this to my mother. She explained in very simple terms; "Your father fixes problem for a living. If there are no problems, there's no work, and therefore no job".
I bring this up because I've been very busy at work lately. Basicly I've had a great deal of responsibility dropped in lap in the last two weeks and I'm sorting out how to deal with it all. I'm doing fine, but I finally get it. Everyday I keep telling myself this problem gives me another three/four/ten days of work before they can get rid of me. =) Not that they would, but it certainly makes having a job you're not thrilled with a bit easier.