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Neener Neener.... Pt.2014

I was going through old posts on this blog (because that's why people have them, right?) and had to chuckle at my Neener Neener... post. I thought I'd reply to myself with some updates...

2011: "I got a new job!"
2014: Me too! In June I end my stint as a mobile software tester and begin a 12 week process of reskilling. When finished I will move from testing mobile code to writing it. I'll still get to work with the great teams I do today, and even on the same stuff I test today.

2011: "I'm actually enjoying my area. [...] I've been there three weeks. It's new. Let's revisit this post a year from now and see if it's still the same."
2014: Yup. still dig it, sort of. I do love the area, and like my job. This is really just the next logical step in my career. It's one I wish I could have made back in 2011, but didn't have the ability or resources to make it happen. I've built a good reputation in this area and made great contacts with good people that has allowed me to suggest I would be a good fit for a position that wasn't open yet. Thankfully, the business agreed and we made it happen. Sometimes you have to work to get onto the path you want - and sometimes it may mean taking a step or two to get there, even if it takes years. The opportunities that this will lead me to in the years to come will be huge, and I am very grateful for my company and the people I work with.

Good call, 2011 me.

2011: "There is a bit of a learning curve here as well I'm still getting use to. That is the case with any new job, but that doesn't mean I like it. [...] Being new sucks. I miss being the main guy in charge of a team and an application. In due time, I suppose."
2014: Heh... I feel ya, bud. Me too. I've rarely had issues picking up new skills, and I get upset when it doesn't come easy. I have a two year old now - so I think I'm better with patience. :) I'll be a new guy again, but at least I know the subject matter and the people so when I am challenged I'll feel more comfortable finding help. Then again, I'll also be more embarrassed when I  look dumb. You always have to start somewhere - no one leads well without following some first.

2011: "New gun! I bought an MP15-22"
2014: Yeah, thats gone. I've sold/traded about 7 guns in the last year or two, the MP15-22 was the first to go. It was fun, but gave a few issues. I traded it for an SR9c, which I now shoot IDPA with. Here, see what the trade allowed me to do?


2011: "Still selling my MP"
2014: Nope, that's gone too.
2011: Awww man, I loved that thing!
2014: Move on. I did.

2011: "Cousin had a baby! -  I know I'm getting older because every once in a while I want to sell the 350Z, fix the house up and have a kid... ok, maybe not sell the Z, but at least get more prepared. Shit... is it my turn now?"
2014: Buuahahahaha. haha. ha... Yeah, six months from writing that you get that surprise.

See that? That's the little reason we don't have our 350Z anymore. Or maybe the Z is the reason we have him - I was always told "when you buy a two seater, you know what happens next, right? *wink*nudge*"
Still, it was a good trade. Our kid kicks ass.
Also, we are getting the house fixed up. See?

2011: "Birthdays abound! -  My wife wants to do something extra special for me (aren't I lucky?) but I'd much rather spend that cash on something like fixing up the house. The fact that I wrote that down proves I'm getting old."
2014: Heh, wait until you're my age. :/
Actually 31 was a good birthday. The wifey planned a trip to Dallas for a house hunting trip for our upcoming move.
Good woman.

2011: "Bottom line: I'm in a good place and feel very blessed. Nothing is ever perfect, but compared to the rest of the world I know I have no reason to complain about much."
2014: Pretty much the same, but better.

Still bragging, three years later. neener.

House of Cards Against Humanity.

So I haven't done a political post (or any post) in a while... Here are a couple quick hits.

Flight 370 Search: Never going to be found. Wait a minute, a new report just came in - they found the wreckage. again. for the sixth time. Tenth? Let's just call it a bakers dozen, it really doesn't matter.

Spying programs: "Hello, CIA. Welcome to my facebook. Can I see your warrant, please?" Apple, Facebook, and Google are updating their privacy policies to expand the types of disclosure notifications they give individual users about how often and when the government requests their data. Good for them.

Sterling Racism: Umm, he's been a racist for many years, right? Why are people shocked? I would ask why the NAACP gave him awards even when they knew he was a racist, but I know the answer: he gave them money. I don't think he should have his team taken from him: being an idiot racist isn't illegal. He still has rights and from what I've heard, he deserves no interaction from the government. However, the market should rip this guy to shreds - so pass on those clippers tickets, and I would hope the players there are looking to bolt. Also, don't be a hypocrite - don't support any racist. I heard at least one famous guy calling him a "white honkey cracka" along with many other expletives and requests for his mother - how is that any better than if he called black folks niggers? It's hate and ignorance on both sides. If you really want to hate someone, there is always a reason in their actual character to find - race shouldn't even have to be a consideration.

New Benghazi emails: So, how is this less incriminating than Watergate? Proof that lies were created to save the President from looking bad in the media before the election is bad. It's not really even a question now, there is actual proof. Jay Carney is a horrible press secretary and promoted what is obviously bullshit. "Oh that thing about that thing that we said was about the thing? Well, that wasn't really about that thing and you are all wrong if you say otherwise." He was on those emails. Oh yeah, and the guy who sent that email was the brother of the CBS President. Big shocker there.

Russia: Those folks are wacky. We impose some restrictions on some of their folks, they do the same. "awww! you got us!". If the US is going to take a "Go pick on someone your own size" mentality, a few sanctions won't give that message. That's like telling the school bully they can't come to your house and play.

China: Some say it will surpass the US this year in purchasing power, despite it's nominal GDP lagging behind quite a bit. I don't know what this means for me personally. I just thought I would throw it in here to give the impression I'm up to date on this. Is anyone really still reading this? I thought for sure the Benghazi thing would clear the field.

Instagram auto play: Really?.... Really?! Don't play unless I ask you to. Jerk.

Bundy ranch: Racists idiot... Don't support this guy either. Again, being a racist doesn't take away his rights as an American citizen, but that doesn't mean you should stand next to him. I don't claim to have followed all the details on the property laws and history (from the little I understand, it's goes back quite a ways), but from what I've gathered it's been an overreaction on both sides. 2mil for grazing cattle? Fighting for land you don't even claim to have actual ownership of? Armed government to collect on a disputed tax bill? Cattle suspected to have been killed off by government because of all this? Won't someone think of the calves?!

OCare status: When Kathleen Sebelius testified in front of congress saying they had no numbers on who has paid for their healthcare, she urged congress to ask the insurers about those numbers. WHOOPS! They did... The resulting report says %67 of all healthcare.gov signups have paid. Only %25 of those are in the magic "pay for everything else" demo of 18-34 year olds. The majority of folks who have paid are 55-64. Jay Carney, being the horrible press secretary he is had this to say: "We dispute their numbers. We don't have hard, concrete numbers." So... Congress asks insurers a question that the head of HHS urged them to ask and because you don't like the answer, you dismiss it without anything to back up the reason why you dismiss it? Now, not all of the insurers were polled, so this could have been a great argument. townhall.com made a great point on this, however, that the WH was proud to tout 8million signups without having complete data because it made them look good. "They even requested a prime time national address to tout the incomplete statistics. Now that their data is under intense scrutiny, they're justifying their opacity as sober, responsible governance, borne out of an abundance of caution. Nonsense. When asked, Carney said he didn't know when the government would be able to provide their own official figures. "
Related to this also the newest news that the next company to handle the ACA site will not be governed under it, due to having less than 50 employees. That's not much incentive to do it right.

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