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Neener Neener...

I've been busy... Usually when I say that it's followed by complaints. I've always considered myself a realist, which is usually considered by optimists as pessimistic. Not this time.

I got a new job!

For the last five and a half years I had been a mainframe developer. Not exactly what I wanted to do, but it paid well and gave me amazing opportunities. In the last few years I was lucky enough to get more into designing of systems - fun stuff. It was enough to keep me around, then again I never feel comfortable complaining considering the current economy. I'm really quite lucky and I know this.
Three weeks ago I started a new job in a completely new area. I now work on our company's mobile applications. Mobile = mobile web page, Android, iPhone, iPad, Honeycomb etc... If you know me, then you know working with this stuff is right up my alley.
It's only been three weeks, and much of that was uneventful, but I'm actually enjoying my area. I feel like I delayed moving from my old spot for far too long. I'm somewhat excited to goto work now, which hasn't been the case in about four years. I work with good people - at least people like me. I use to joke that having me working in my old area lowered the average age in the area by ten years - it's now nice to be in an area with young and ambitious talent. Oh yeah, and they're all smartass know-it-all tech junkies who like to drink: so I seem to be fitting in just fine.

I've been there three weeks. It's new. Let's revisit this post a year from now and see if it's still the same. I love that I'm working with new technology, but I was always warned not to make your hobby your job. There is a bit of a learning curve here as well I'm still getting use to. That is the case with any new job, but that doesn't mean I like it. Like anything, it takes time to get up to speed - I just don't enjoy that process. I've recognized many of the issues and roadblocks my new team are facing and I really want to be a lead in fixing those issues because my strongest strengths are in design and development and there are many opportunities to expand there, but it also means taking more risks, and in some cases perhaps ruffling a few feathers - but I'm still the new guy. Being new sucks. I miss being the main guy in charge of a team and an application. In due time, I suppose.

New gun!

WooT! I really wanted to build an AR-15, but finances have kind of stopped that. So instead, I bought an MP15-22. It's an AR style rifle in .22 caliber. Not only is it half the cost of a .223 AR, but the ammo is also much cheaper and I can actually shoot this indoor if I want. I also have a red dot on it and have a couple other items in the mail for it. Every review I've read on this thing says the same thing... "Yes, it's a .22. Yes, your 7 year old can handle this weapon. Yes, it's an extremely fun gun to shoot!" and that really is the best description for it...fun.

Fun for cheap. No issues here. Some people may look down on it as a .22 or because I add stuff to it, but so what? I don't need a .223. I'm not going to war, or breaking down any doors for raids. It's not for home defense. We're both accurate hundreds of yards out, and we both have the same accessories. The best part? For every one round you shoot, I can shoot at least five for the same price.

I still want a Kimber 1911!
(Still selling my MP)

Celebrated a birthday in St.Louis!

Had a blast. It was my brother-in-laws 21st birthday. His birthday drink at midnight? Irish car bombs. They were great: or at least I thought so. We also celebrated with a couple friends and had a really nice break from the typical weekend. The birthday boy took the weekend like a champ, far better than I did...

Uhhh...I don't remember. I drank a lot. My recollection only goes to about 15 minutes after this picture was taken:

Cousin had a baby!

WOOHOO!!! My cousin and her husband are great folks, and I'm so happy for them. This kid is perfect and adorable. I'm glad we were able to visit them and hope to make it a usual thing. They are such deserving parents and I wish them the best! I was always the youngest in the family, so never got to even hold a newborn until I was 20 years old, but have really been warming up to kids lately. I know I'm getting older because every once in a while I want to sell the 350Z, fix the house up and have a kid... ok, maybe not sell the Z, but at least get more prepared.

Shit... is it my turn now? I really was kidding about the Z.
I've been missing family a lot lately. I'm very close with my family, but also very independent. With the whole family getting older I'm seeing a lot more missed opportunities because I don't live closer.

Birthdays abound!
Lots of birthdays. My bro-in-law, a good friend and his father, and in another week or so my cousin and then *drum roll* mine. I'll be having a little celebration, but I really don't care much for birthdays. My wife wants to do something extra special for me (aren't I lucky?) but I'd much rather spend that cash on something like fixing up the house. The fact that I wrote that down proves I'm getting old.

We went to our first arena football game and enjoyed it quite a bit. I still need to learn the exact rules, because it certainly isn't what you may expect, but it is entertaining. Plus there isn't a bad seat in the place, so we're considering getting season tickets. Good times!

Bottom line: I'm in a good place and feel very blessed. Nothing is ever perfect, but compared to the rest of the world I know I have no reason to complain about much. (For now at least. I've been holding back a few political rants for a while now!)

Yes, the only point of this is to brag about it. neener.

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