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Underage Sex! (uncool)

...it's sad that title will get hits from google.

I refuse to watch MTV. My wife does not. Occasionally I like to spend time with her in front of our TV, and the whole "I'm the man, I choose what we watch" does not go over very well in our home. Because of this, sometimes I catch Jersey Shore. What a horrible waste of $30,000 an episode on each of them. They are all a waste of space. What are they contributing to society? What are thier jobs? Scoop gelato? I'm just saying if the world were ending in a fiery blaze and a select few could be saved they'd be getting one hell of a tan even they're not use to. They party hard, get paid for it, have sex with whoever, cheat on their significant others, dress like skanks, and don't care about anything. Sounds interesting until you realize this is not just TV, it's considered reality. /facepalm. My wife is the smartest person I know...except for that hour. At least they're adults though.

MTV outdid themselves. Not in a good way.

During one of these "spend time with my wife while she watches how successful she is compared to parts of the world" I saw a promo for Skins. Let's take a look at the first scene as a young teen tried to sneak back into her house without her parents finding out.

Not a zombie, just a chick with daddy issues.

Theblaze.com had the best review of the rest of the episode...

"The series premiere alone included sex, drug-dealing, alcohol, prescription drug abuse, sex, prostitution, smoking, homosexuality, violence, car theft, voyeurism and more sex. In fact, the entire premise of the first episode was how the group would get their 16-year-old friend to lose his uncool virginity before his 17th birthday. And after the kids’ friend wakes up from her drug overdose and their stolen car full of illegal drugs rolls and crashes into a lake, the kids laugh it off. The end.*"

Gee, can't believe I missed all that! Oh yeah, I'm not a pedophile. Apparently there are many out there though. Skins premiered to 3.3 million viewers. Not all of them have this pedo tendency, thank goodness. You see, 1.8 of those were under 18. HALLEUIEA! Oh wait... So over half of the viewers were minors. Hell, I don't know what is worse and which way to take this argument. "THE CHILDREN! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!" ok, I will.

While I do not have children of my own, I have a beautiful niece who is 7 and I have close family friends who have four daughters we're with regularly. I take this personally. To think that some of the kids I hang out with could see this and get any impression that this is normal and ok makes me pretty angry. This show isn't showing sex, drugs, prostitution, and violence as horrible things that should be avoided at all costs and have great consequences. It's glorifying it. Yes, these things exist, and many teens are involved with these things. Is MTV happy about that? Perhaps, because it means they have more viewers. Not to mention this type of show could produce more cast members for "I'm 16 and pregnant", "Teen mom", and the "True Life - I'm an [alcoholic,sex worker,pick your vice]" series. I've caught those shows as well (with the wife) and I can't watch MTV anymore because all I think is "HYPOCRITE"!

I'll shorten it up to: Kids are impressionable, and this is not what any show should be glorifying - even if it is MTV's and the producers right to display it. It shouldn't be illegal to show it, but it's a damn shame there is a market for it... Or should it be illegal? It's getting a lot of press now because it's so over the top raunchy that there may be an investigation of child pornography against MTV and the producers. The youngest cast member is 15. /facepalm

Parents...WTF? Really? One thing I am pleased with is that both my sister/brother-in-law, and our family friends would not allow them to watch such filth. If they found out the kids did watch anyways - they would find a way to be sure they understood it truly is filth, and is not something to mimic. (Probably followed by the TV being unplugged for a couple weeks at the least). I can't imagine a world where a parent would be ok with their children watching something like this - but unfortunately I'm pretty commonly disappointed with how I see children brought up these days. Yes, it's easy for me to armchair QB without having kids - but is this really a situation an actual parent would argue me on?

I'm boycotting MTV. My wife will have to either hand over the remote or start playing video games with me from now on.

Something Creative...

First thought: Titles.
I've always taken pride in the titles I use to have for posts. It's not just limited to posts I suppose - old bands I was in, pets, book/article titles, and company names have also been blessed with my thoughtfulness.

..and yet for my first post of 2011, I got nothing.

Some people insist on explaining why they've been away from blogging for a while. I'm not pretentious (big word!) enough to beleive anyone cares. :)

Life has been busy, though.
  • Still working contantly.
  • Still hate my job.
  • Still not flying.
  • Basement is still flooding.
  • Illinois just raised my taxes.
  • I never set up my webserver on my box again - as you can tell.

Ready for the good stuff now?
  • I still have a job. I dare not complain about having one, even one I dislike in this economy.
  • I'm switching jobs in the next few months. I will soon be working on our mobile and social networking team. Finally working with people with a median age less than 1.5 times mine!
  • I'm still a math nerd.
  • I've come to love photography. Joanna and I have done some shoots for various people and I would love to start a photography business someday.
  • This month Joanna and I celebrated our five year anniversary. God bless that woman for dealing with me.
  • I have a place to ramble again.
Yes this one is borring, but I give it 5-6 days before my controversial thoughts start spewing out over this corner of the internet.