Lost Localhost

Neener Neener.... Pt.2015

Apparently I'm just using this blog for a brag outlet.
I'm ok with that.

First, some review...
2014: http://lostlocalhost.blogspot.com/2014/05/neener-neener-pt2014.html

2011: "I got a new job!"
2014: Me too!
2015: Heh... Yeah, me too.

2011: "I'm actually enjoying my area. [...] I've been there three weeks. It's new. Let's revisit this post a year from now and see if it's still the same."
2014: Yup. still dig it
2015: Yet again, I got a brand new job! The new job is too new.. see next point.

2011: "There is a bit of a learning curve here as well I'm still getting use to. That is the case with any new job, but that doesn't mean I like it. [...] Being new sucks. I miss being the main guy in charge of a team and an application. In due time, I suppose."
2014: Heh... I feel ya, bud. Me too. You always have to start somewhere - no one leads well without following some first.
2015: I'm now a Data Designer doing Data Analytics. It's a job I can do, but it wasn't my first choice, but it got me down to Dallas. Woot. I'm new in the role, and there isn't any work - so I'm going crazy being bored with no direction, but apparently that's the expectation for now. I'll try to enjoy it while it lasts. I wouldn't be surprised if there's another change in the next two years either, but I'm definitely going to be on a management track within five.

2011: "New gun! I bought an MP15-22"
2014: Yeah, that's gone.
2015: Never did pick up a new Rifle, but am in love with a couple new guns.

2011: "Still selling my MP"
2014: Nope, that's gone too.
2011: Awww man, I loved that thing!
2014: Move on. I did.
2015: I bought a new MP... I had a Deltapoint on it, but didn't like how it had to be taken off to lock down zero, so I bought an RMR to replace it. Instead of selling the DP, I decided to buy a new gun to put it on! :) The 22/45 LITE is currently my favorite gun I've owned.

2011: "Cousin had a baby! -  I know I'm getting older because every once in a while I want to sell the 350Z, fix the house up and have a kid... ok, maybe not sell the Z, but at least get more prepared. Shit... is it my turn now?"
2014: Buuahahahaha. haha. ha... Yeah
2015: Ethan is my life. Love that little punk,

2011: "Birthdays abound! -  My wife wants to do something extra special for me (aren't I lucky?) but I'd much rather spend that cash on something like fixing up the house. The fact that I wrote that down proves I'm getting old."
2014: 31 was a good birthday. The wifey planned a trip to Dallas for a house hunting trip for our upcoming move.
2015: MOVED!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!1!1one!1 June of 2015 we moved to Texas, finally.

2011: "Bottom line: I'm in a good place and feel very blessed. Nothing is ever perfect, but compared to the rest of the world I know I have no reason to complain about much."
2014: Pretty much the same, but better.
2015: Life keeps getting better.

The details...
So the last year or so has been busy. Been dealing with medical stuff and surgeries in the family, work changes, relocating, and other family adjustments and they're all related to each other. That isn't a complaint. In fact, in light of any challenges we've faced as a family, we're really in the best place I think we've ever been. Life is good. Yesterday I had a conversation where I said my biggest problem right now is that I'm waiting for something to go wrong - I'm actually anxious because life is good and how horrible of a problem is that to have, right?

I was offered a position with my company in Dallas and I jumped at it. I loved my old area, but this came with many perks I couldn't pass up, would be in the location we wanted, and involves some pretty cool work. I also get to retain my lead status and help actually build my team. I feel old now.
I bought a nice house. Not crazy, but it's a grown up house finally. I was pretty bitter about our last home since we bought when we were so young, and it affected the family. That's gone, and we're extremely happy with where we're at now.
Ethan is crazy awesome. So much love for him. He is my best bud.