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Neener Neener.... Pt.2014

I was going through old posts on this blog (because that's why people have them, right?) and had to chuckle at my Neener Neener... post. I thought I'd reply to myself with some updates...

2011: "I got a new job!"
2014: Me too! In June I end my stint as a mobile software tester and begin a 12 week process of reskilling. When finished I will move from testing mobile code to writing it. I'll still get to work with the great teams I do today, and even on the same stuff I test today.

2011: "I'm actually enjoying my area. [...] I've been there three weeks. It's new. Let's revisit this post a year from now and see if it's still the same."
2014: Yup. still dig it, sort of. I do love the area, and like my job. This is really just the next logical step in my career. It's one I wish I could have made back in 2011, but didn't have the ability or resources to make it happen. I've built a good reputation in this area and made great contacts with good people that has allowed me to suggest I would be a good fit for a position that wasn't open yet. Thankfully, the business agreed and we made it happen. Sometimes you have to work to get onto the path you want - and sometimes it may mean taking a step or two to get there, even if it takes years. The opportunities that this will lead me to in the years to come will be huge, and I am very grateful for my company and the people I work with.

Good call, 2011 me.

2011: "There is a bit of a learning curve here as well I'm still getting use to. That is the case with any new job, but that doesn't mean I like it. [...] Being new sucks. I miss being the main guy in charge of a team and an application. In due time, I suppose."
2014: Heh... I feel ya, bud. Me too. I've rarely had issues picking up new skills, and I get upset when it doesn't come easy. I have a two year old now - so I think I'm better with patience. :) I'll be a new guy again, but at least I know the subject matter and the people so when I am challenged I'll feel more comfortable finding help. Then again, I'll also be more embarrassed when I  look dumb. You always have to start somewhere - no one leads well without following some first.

2011: "New gun! I bought an MP15-22"
2014: Yeah, thats gone. I've sold/traded about 7 guns in the last year or two, the MP15-22 was the first to go. It was fun, but gave a few issues. I traded it for an SR9c, which I now shoot IDPA with. Here, see what the trade allowed me to do?


2011: "Still selling my MP"
2014: Nope, that's gone too.
2011: Awww man, I loved that thing!
2014: Move on. I did.

2011: "Cousin had a baby! -  I know I'm getting older because every once in a while I want to sell the 350Z, fix the house up and have a kid... ok, maybe not sell the Z, but at least get more prepared. Shit... is it my turn now?"
2014: Buuahahahaha. haha. ha... Yeah, six months from writing that you get that surprise.

See that? That's the little reason we don't have our 350Z anymore. Or maybe the Z is the reason we have him - I was always told "when you buy a two seater, you know what happens next, right? *wink*nudge*"
Still, it was a good trade. Our kid kicks ass.
Also, we are getting the house fixed up. See?

2011: "Birthdays abound! -  My wife wants to do something extra special for me (aren't I lucky?) but I'd much rather spend that cash on something like fixing up the house. The fact that I wrote that down proves I'm getting old."
2014: Heh, wait until you're my age. :/
Actually 31 was a good birthday. The wifey planned a trip to Dallas for a house hunting trip for our upcoming move.
Good woman.

2011: "Bottom line: I'm in a good place and feel very blessed. Nothing is ever perfect, but compared to the rest of the world I know I have no reason to complain about much."
2014: Pretty much the same, but better.

Still bragging, three years later. neener.

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