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Super Gay Post Pt.2

(If you have't read my initial Super Gay Post from 2013, take a looksie HERE)

OK. so I'm doing this... and here - we - GO!

Is marriage a religious act, or a government act? Which side of the recent SCOTUS decision you land on kind of relies on that first question that no one seems to be asking.

If it's a religious act, then the actual action of performing or participating, or NOT performing or participating, in that act is completely covered by constitutional rights.
If it's a government act, then the only thing protected and fair is equal treatment by that government entity for all persons.
Here's the problem, for most church's, it's a religious act, and for most everyone else it's only a government act.

As long as government gives special considerations to married vs non-married citizens, they need to be equal in that for all citizens and not limit that based upon a religious sacrament which they have no business being involved in anyways. PERIOD.
There is no way around that - it needed to happen, and it's sad it hadn't happened sooner. With that said, the Constituion protects organizations rights to object to certain activities based on religious beleifs.

Unfortunatley, many think because something is against anothers beleifs, it means they HATE a person...
Couple: "We want to get married."

I beleive more often this is how it would go:
Couple: "We want to get married."
Church: "We love you, but it's against our beleifs to marry the two of you."
Couple: "That sucks, but we respect your right to run the church how you see fit, but we won't be a part of a church like this. We're going to goto the church down the street which we know will perform the cerimony, or get it done at the courthouse."
Church: "God bless you both."

A shame the first example exists in this society, right? How sad is it that there really are churches and people who hate so much because of what they consider a sin while committing what they themselves would also deem a sin. Those churches and people preach God loves us all, despite everything we deem as flaws, but they don't follow that up with action. It's sad those same churches would probably have no issues marrying other couples that obviously intended to keep sinning in some way. Hypocrisy is no stranger to religion. Luckily in our western society, it usually (sadly, not always) ends with a denial of service and words, as opposed to other parts of the world and other religions where they would be hung from rooftops or burned alive. Crazy shit, right?

I think it's also a huge disservice and quite sad that people don't acknowledge that the second example is more common. Most churches who deny a ceremony don't do so with hate. Hate is not a requirement for belief it's wrong in God's eyes.

The SCOTUS ruling was the right one, because it helped make government defined marriage fair, like it should have been from the start.

Now I hope they support the freedom that churchs have to refuse to perform a marriage (religious sacrament). The fear most libertarians and conservatives have is that this won't happen based on past rulings. No one is protected from being offended, only from being unfairly treated by the government.

Thank God for the SCOTUS ruling.

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