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Neener Neener.... Pt.2015

Apparently I'm just using this blog for a brag outlet.
I'm ok with that.

First, some review...
2014: http://lostlocalhost.blogspot.com/2014/05/neener-neener-pt2014.html

2011: "I got a new job!"
2014: Me too!
2015: Heh... Yeah, me too.

2011: "I'm actually enjoying my area. [...] I've been there three weeks. It's new. Let's revisit this post a year from now and see if it's still the same."
2014: Yup. still dig it
2015: Yet again, I got a brand new job! The new job is too new.. see next point.

2011: "There is a bit of a learning curve here as well I'm still getting use to. That is the case with any new job, but that doesn't mean I like it. [...] Being new sucks. I miss being the main guy in charge of a team and an application. In due time, I suppose."
2014: Heh... I feel ya, bud. Me too. You always have to start somewhere - no one leads well without following some first.
2015: I'm now a Data Designer doing Data Analytics. It's a job I can do, but it wasn't my first choice, but it got me down to Dallas. Woot. I'm new in the role, and there isn't any work - so I'm going crazy being bored with no direction, but apparently that's the expectation for now. I'll try to enjoy it while it lasts. I wouldn't be surprised if there's another change in the next two years either, but I'm definitely going to be on a management track within five.

2011: "New gun! I bought an MP15-22"
2014: Yeah, that's gone.
2015: Never did pick up a new Rifle, but am in love with a couple new guns.

2011: "Still selling my MP"
2014: Nope, that's gone too.
2011: Awww man, I loved that thing!
2014: Move on. I did.
2015: I bought a new MP... I had a Deltapoint on it, but didn't like how it had to be taken off to lock down zero, so I bought an RMR to replace it. Instead of selling the DP, I decided to buy a new gun to put it on! :) The 22/45 LITE is currently my favorite gun I've owned.

2011: "Cousin had a baby! -  I know I'm getting older because every once in a while I want to sell the 350Z, fix the house up and have a kid... ok, maybe not sell the Z, but at least get more prepared. Shit... is it my turn now?"
2014: Buuahahahaha. haha. ha... Yeah
2015: Ethan is my life. Love that little punk,

2011: "Birthdays abound! -  My wife wants to do something extra special for me (aren't I lucky?) but I'd much rather spend that cash on something like fixing up the house. The fact that I wrote that down proves I'm getting old."
2014: 31 was a good birthday. The wifey planned a trip to Dallas for a house hunting trip for our upcoming move.
2015: MOVED!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!1!1one!1 June of 2015 we moved to Texas, finally.

2011: "Bottom line: I'm in a good place and feel very blessed. Nothing is ever perfect, but compared to the rest of the world I know I have no reason to complain about much."
2014: Pretty much the same, but better.
2015: Life keeps getting better.

The details...
So the last year or so has been busy. Been dealing with medical stuff and surgeries in the family, work changes, relocating, and other family adjustments and they're all related to each other. That isn't a complaint. In fact, in light of any challenges we've faced as a family, we're really in the best place I think we've ever been. Life is good. Yesterday I had a conversation where I said my biggest problem right now is that I'm waiting for something to go wrong - I'm actually anxious because life is good and how horrible of a problem is that to have, right?

I was offered a position with my company in Dallas and I jumped at it. I loved my old area, but this came with many perks I couldn't pass up, would be in the location we wanted, and involves some pretty cool work. I also get to retain my lead status and help actually build my team. I feel old now.
I bought a nice house. Not crazy, but it's a grown up house finally. I was pretty bitter about our last home since we bought when we were so young, and it affected the family. That's gone, and we're extremely happy with where we're at now.
Ethan is crazy awesome. So much love for him. He is my best bud.

Super Gay Post Pt.2

(If you have't read my initial Super Gay Post from 2013, take a looksie HERE)

OK. so I'm doing this... and here - we - GO!

Is marriage a religious act, or a government act? Which side of the recent SCOTUS decision you land on kind of relies on that first question that no one seems to be asking.

If it's a religious act, then the actual action of performing or participating, or NOT performing or participating, in that act is completely covered by constitutional rights.
If it's a government act, then the only thing protected and fair is equal treatment by that government entity for all persons.
Here's the problem, for most church's, it's a religious act, and for most everyone else it's only a government act.

As long as government gives special considerations to married vs non-married citizens, they need to be equal in that for all citizens and not limit that based upon a religious sacrament which they have no business being involved in anyways. PERIOD.
There is no way around that - it needed to happen, and it's sad it hadn't happened sooner. With that said, the Constituion protects organizations rights to object to certain activities based on religious beleifs.

Unfortunatley, many think because something is against anothers beleifs, it means they HATE a person...
Couple: "We want to get married."

I beleive more often this is how it would go:
Couple: "We want to get married."
Church: "We love you, but it's against our beleifs to marry the two of you."
Couple: "That sucks, but we respect your right to run the church how you see fit, but we won't be a part of a church like this. We're going to goto the church down the street which we know will perform the cerimony, or get it done at the courthouse."
Church: "God bless you both."

A shame the first example exists in this society, right? How sad is it that there really are churches and people who hate so much because of what they consider a sin while committing what they themselves would also deem a sin. Those churches and people preach God loves us all, despite everything we deem as flaws, but they don't follow that up with action. It's sad those same churches would probably have no issues marrying other couples that obviously intended to keep sinning in some way. Hypocrisy is no stranger to religion. Luckily in our western society, it usually (sadly, not always) ends with a denial of service and words, as opposed to other parts of the world and other religions where they would be hung from rooftops or burned alive. Crazy shit, right?

I think it's also a huge disservice and quite sad that people don't acknowledge that the second example is more common. Most churches who deny a ceremony don't do so with hate. Hate is not a requirement for belief it's wrong in God's eyes.

The SCOTUS ruling was the right one, because it helped make government defined marriage fair, like it should have been from the start.

Now I hope they support the freedom that churchs have to refuse to perform a marriage (religious sacrament). The fear most libertarians and conservatives have is that this won't happen based on past rulings. No one is protected from being offended, only from being unfairly treated by the government.

Thank God for the SCOTUS ruling.

Neener Neener.... Pt.2014

I was going through old posts on this blog (because that's why people have them, right?) and had to chuckle at my Neener Neener... post. I thought I'd reply to myself with some updates...

2011: "I got a new job!"
2014: Me too! In June I end my stint as a mobile software tester and begin a 12 week process of reskilling. When finished I will move from testing mobile code to writing it. I'll still get to work with the great teams I do today, and even on the same stuff I test today.

2011: "I'm actually enjoying my area. [...] I've been there three weeks. It's new. Let's revisit this post a year from now and see if it's still the same."
2014: Yup. still dig it, sort of. I do love the area, and like my job. This is really just the next logical step in my career. It's one I wish I could have made back in 2011, but didn't have the ability or resources to make it happen. I've built a good reputation in this area and made great contacts with good people that has allowed me to suggest I would be a good fit for a position that wasn't open yet. Thankfully, the business agreed and we made it happen. Sometimes you have to work to get onto the path you want - and sometimes it may mean taking a step or two to get there, even if it takes years. The opportunities that this will lead me to in the years to come will be huge, and I am very grateful for my company and the people I work with.

Good call, 2011 me.

2011: "There is a bit of a learning curve here as well I'm still getting use to. That is the case with any new job, but that doesn't mean I like it. [...] Being new sucks. I miss being the main guy in charge of a team and an application. In due time, I suppose."
2014: Heh... I feel ya, bud. Me too. I've rarely had issues picking up new skills, and I get upset when it doesn't come easy. I have a two year old now - so I think I'm better with patience. :) I'll be a new guy again, but at least I know the subject matter and the people so when I am challenged I'll feel more comfortable finding help. Then again, I'll also be more embarrassed when I  look dumb. You always have to start somewhere - no one leads well without following some first.

2011: "New gun! I bought an MP15-22"
2014: Yeah, thats gone. I've sold/traded about 7 guns in the last year or two, the MP15-22 was the first to go. It was fun, but gave a few issues. I traded it for an SR9c, which I now shoot IDPA with. Here, see what the trade allowed me to do?


2011: "Still selling my MP"
2014: Nope, that's gone too.
2011: Awww man, I loved that thing!
2014: Move on. I did.

2011: "Cousin had a baby! -  I know I'm getting older because every once in a while I want to sell the 350Z, fix the house up and have a kid... ok, maybe not sell the Z, but at least get more prepared. Shit... is it my turn now?"
2014: Buuahahahaha. haha. ha... Yeah, six months from writing that you get that surprise.

See that? That's the little reason we don't have our 350Z anymore. Or maybe the Z is the reason we have him - I was always told "when you buy a two seater, you know what happens next, right? *wink*nudge*"
Still, it was a good trade. Our kid kicks ass.
Also, we are getting the house fixed up. See?

2011: "Birthdays abound! -  My wife wants to do something extra special for me (aren't I lucky?) but I'd much rather spend that cash on something like fixing up the house. The fact that I wrote that down proves I'm getting old."
2014: Heh, wait until you're my age. :/
Actually 31 was a good birthday. The wifey planned a trip to Dallas for a house hunting trip for our upcoming move.
Good woman.

2011: "Bottom line: I'm in a good place and feel very blessed. Nothing is ever perfect, but compared to the rest of the world I know I have no reason to complain about much."
2014: Pretty much the same, but better.

Still bragging, three years later. neener.

House of Cards Against Humanity.

So I haven't done a political post (or any post) in a while... Here are a couple quick hits.

Flight 370 Search: Never going to be found. Wait a minute, a new report just came in - they found the wreckage. again. for the sixth time. Tenth? Let's just call it a bakers dozen, it really doesn't matter.

Spying programs: "Hello, CIA. Welcome to my facebook. Can I see your warrant, please?" Apple, Facebook, and Google are updating their privacy policies to expand the types of disclosure notifications they give individual users about how often and when the government requests their data. Good for them.

Sterling Racism: Umm, he's been a racist for many years, right? Why are people shocked? I would ask why the NAACP gave him awards even when they knew he was a racist, but I know the answer: he gave them money. I don't think he should have his team taken from him: being an idiot racist isn't illegal. He still has rights and from what I've heard, he deserves no interaction from the government. However, the market should rip this guy to shreds - so pass on those clippers tickets, and I would hope the players there are looking to bolt. Also, don't be a hypocrite - don't support any racist. I heard at least one famous guy calling him a "white honkey cracka" along with many other expletives and requests for his mother - how is that any better than if he called black folks niggers? It's hate and ignorance on both sides. If you really want to hate someone, there is always a reason in their actual character to find - race shouldn't even have to be a consideration.

New Benghazi emails: So, how is this less incriminating than Watergate? Proof that lies were created to save the President from looking bad in the media before the election is bad. It's not really even a question now, there is actual proof. Jay Carney is a horrible press secretary and promoted what is obviously bullshit. "Oh that thing about that thing that we said was about the thing? Well, that wasn't really about that thing and you are all wrong if you say otherwise." He was on those emails. Oh yeah, and the guy who sent that email was the brother of the CBS President. Big shocker there.

Russia: Those folks are wacky. We impose some restrictions on some of their folks, they do the same. "awww! you got us!". If the US is going to take a "Go pick on someone your own size" mentality, a few sanctions won't give that message. That's like telling the school bully they can't come to your house and play.

China: Some say it will surpass the US this year in purchasing power, despite it's nominal GDP lagging behind quite a bit. I don't know what this means for me personally. I just thought I would throw it in here to give the impression I'm up to date on this. Is anyone really still reading this? I thought for sure the Benghazi thing would clear the field.

Instagram auto play: Really?.... Really?! Don't play unless I ask you to. Jerk.

Bundy ranch: Racists idiot... Don't support this guy either. Again, being a racist doesn't take away his rights as an American citizen, but that doesn't mean you should stand next to him. I don't claim to have followed all the details on the property laws and history (from the little I understand, it's goes back quite a ways), but from what I've gathered it's been an overreaction on both sides. 2mil for grazing cattle? Fighting for land you don't even claim to have actual ownership of? Armed government to collect on a disputed tax bill? Cattle suspected to have been killed off by government because of all this? Won't someone think of the calves?!

OCare status: When Kathleen Sebelius testified in front of congress saying they had no numbers on who has paid for their healthcare, she urged congress to ask the insurers about those numbers. WHOOPS! They did... The resulting report says %67 of all healthcare.gov signups have paid. Only %25 of those are in the magic "pay for everything else" demo of 18-34 year olds. The majority of folks who have paid are 55-64. Jay Carney, being the horrible press secretary he is had this to say: "We dispute their numbers. We don't have hard, concrete numbers." So... Congress asks insurers a question that the head of HHS urged them to ask and because you don't like the answer, you dismiss it without anything to back up the reason why you dismiss it? Now, not all of the insurers were polled, so this could have been a great argument. townhall.com made a great point on this, however, that the WH was proud to tout 8million signups without having complete data because it made them look good. "They even requested a prime time national address to tout the incomplete statistics. Now that their data is under intense scrutiny, they're justifying their opacity as sober, responsible governance, borne out of an abundance of caution. Nonsense. When asked, Carney said he didn't know when the government would be able to provide their own official figures. "
Related to this also the newest news that the next company to handle the ACA site will not be governed under it, due to having less than 50 employees. That's not much incentive to do it right.

lostlocalhost blog: I almost forgot this was here.

Ugh. Can't believe I'm poking this dead, ugly horse

OOoooook. So I'll do this once publicly, then I'm done. There's only so much dead horse beating I can partake in before I'm contributing to the very thing I hate - over hype.

A guy who got his butt beat shot another guy. Somehow that was questioned if it was truly self defense, so there was a public outcry to arrest the guy. Despite no evidence, the state assigned a corrupt prosecutor, and they got him arrested and he got his day in court. Then the jury said he didn't break any law. Now the same people who said they wanted him to have a fair trial, don't want that anymore. They didn't get the result they wanted, so shit is hitting the fan.

...and I can't understand why.

Q1. Why was he carrying a gun?! I can't believe someone can carry a weapon in public.

A1. He was carrying a gun for self defense. In the case that someone does something potentially life threatening, like start a fight or straddle you and bang your head against a sidewalk, it's used to defend yourself. If Trayvon had a gun and Zimmerman was the one to start the fight, TM may have been justified in shooting him, for instance.

Wouldn't you want to be able to defend yourself if someone jumped you or your family?

Q2. It's the law - this "stand your ground" law. We should get rid of it!
A2. Wrong. Stand your ground had nothing to do with this self defense claim. Stand your ground means any situation where you are in a public place and are legally able to be, a threat can not force you to leave said place and you are allowed to remain there even when defending yourself. In this particular case, Zimmerman had no option to retreat, so even if there were no Stand your ground law, it would still be justifiable defense given the fact that he was being restrained. In the same token, Martin had no legal requirement to leave the area either - he could have stayed right where he was. According to the evidence, the first law that was broke was an assault by Martin.

Q3. Isn't Zimmerman guilty of getting out of his car? He was following TM. That's a violation!
A3. No, it isn't. There is no law against being in a public space after someone else was. Additionally, while it may not always be the smartest thing to trail someone you think is up to no good (because maybe they'll beat you up) it is not illegal. Especially when asked by police dispatch to let them know if the suspicious person does anything.

Wouldn't you want to be in a neighborhood that called the police when they saw someone acting strange around your house?

Q4. He was a wanna-be cop, obviously this means he was trying to BE a cop, right?
A4. Since when has wanting to do justice a bad thing? He did everything correct - he called the police and observed. Many of the people making this argument are the ones who support taking matters into thier own hands and harming Zimmerman, his family, those who support him, or even people who look like him.

Isn't living next to a neighborhood watch member, police officer, or someone pursuing becoming law enforcement a deterrent to crime in your area?

Q5. He was obviously racist! Shouldn't this be investigated as a hate crime?

A5. There is evidence that race may have played an issue. The terms "cracka" and "Nigga" were mentioned. The odd thing, though, is that only Trayvon Martin used these racial slurs. There is zero evidence that race played a role in Zimmermans decisions. In fact, Zimmerman has a history of supporting minorities.
Also, he is a minority himself; Hispanic.

Is anyone who is arguing Zimmerman was racist going to address the racial slurs by Martin? Anyone? There is MORE evidence Martin was racist than Zimmerman - so someone PLEASE explain that one to me.
According to the evidence, Martin committed a hate crime assaulting the "creepy ass cracka". I wonder if that will come out in the DOJ's investigation of this case. (yeah right)

Q6. Martin was just an innocent kid!

A6. All evidence shows he assaulted someone. Also, there's evidence he used drugs and was racist. 17 years old is not a child. 17 year olds can do evil things, and hurt others. 17 year olds kill, use drugs, fight, and rob pretty commonly in (sweet home) Chi-town.
Bottom line: It wouldn't matter if he WAS a perfect kid before that night, if he assaulted someone, that person had the right to defend themselves. Just like if Zimmerman hit Martin, Martin would have been justified in shooting him instead...

If a 15 year old threatened my family's or my life, and I felt the only opportunity to end that threat was with a gun, I'd do it.
He wasn't a kid.

The situation sucks. But of all the murders everyday, why does this one set the fire under so many people's asses? He's later been an idiot in what he says, but that doesn't change the facts of the incident...


Today I saw a link on G+ (holy crap, other people use that?!) about Oklahoma Rep Mike Reynolds saying: "It is not our job to see that anyone gets an education. It is not the responsibility of me, you, or any constituent in my district to pay for his or any other persons [sic] education. Their GPA, ACT, AS[V]AB, determination have nothing to do with who is responsible. Their potential to benefit society is irrelevant."

This led to a couple short back and forth's with the person who shared this until he asked "Are you a certain that you would prefer a totally privatized educational system? Because not so long ago, we actually had a very good public education system. Yes, it has fallen into decline. But I don't think that this is something that can be pinned on any one entity."

Then my short "yes" turned into a paragraph. Then Three. Then I said awww screw it: BLOG POST ANSWER!

So this is based solely on the message I feel this rep was conveying in that quote. I know nothing about this rep otherwise, or Oklahoma law... So if you get halfway in and think "that's not applicable!" then move along. :)

First of all, you'll have to separate k-12 vs. college education. He was only speaking about higher education college.
To answer your question in the context of this article, yes. I am in favor of a privatized educational system - solely. Government sponsored/controlled [insert any industry government has run] has never been nearly as successful, stable, or beneficial as it's private counterpart. Education is no exception.

To add on to what [GA] alluded to...
'Education level' is dependent on the teachers, the curriculum, and most importantly the parents/family. When you have an entity that pays for your education, there is a responsibility tied to that, and there are influences on the teachers and curriculum.

I have a hard time trying to justify why you should have to pay a dime for my son to go to college. If you believe that, can't you just write him a check? College is a specialty learning opportunity that people choose. If you are paying some for him to go, you do have a right to care. In typical loan/grant situations that "care" is demonstrated by a promise to repay in a certain time with a certain interest, or perhaps it's a guarantee of sport performance etc... If you write the check, what's the deal?

My solution: Leave college education to family, and private entities. When I say family and I are responsible for his education, I mean it in the same way we're responsible for feeding him. i.e.: I didn't pick the apple, but I found a way to get it to his mouth. I didn't kill the cow, but when his teeth come in, he'll enjoy a damn good burger because I found where to get one and paid for it myself. Same thing: If I (family) can not educate him enough to be happy, self sufficient, take care of his family, and be a moral human, then I will find and work with the resources to meet our expectations and pay for them ourselves if that's what's needed: without asking you for anything. By doing that, I don't have to answer to any other tax payer - and no tax payer has to worry about what he decides to do with his life. By 'private entities' you have to realize there are a ton of available grants and loans available without having to go the public route.

What will it do to the teachers when money always comes and a paycheck is guaranteed because government money flow never stops? (especially here in IL) What incentive is there to be innovative? If someone is paying you for a goal, and you don't meet it, you stop getting paid. That's incentive. What happens to the students when they don't learn to work for what they get - especially young people. The best things in life are earned, never given.

Why would you WANT "constituent[s] in [your] district to pay for any other persons [sic] education" ??? Why would you ask that of the people, and more to my above point, what would you ask in return?

Now I completely believe in contract concepts: if one person agrees to pay for someone else's education, and the other agrees, then they have the terms of what they can demand from each other. I think this rep is saying that is not a contract the people of his district wish to be in because they also don't think it's worth being on the receiving end of the money and, therefore, the expectations and baggage that comes with it.

I agree the decline is not because of "one entity" - but I know that it is more controllable and correctable when there truly is one entity: the family.
When college is paid for by the students own work (seeking out contracts like loans/grants with stipulations that they agree to, family help, or working a job) then I fail to see any decline happening on a larger scale. This now become a true capitalist system where the best is attractive, and those institutions that fail have a choice to make. They can continue to fail, or they can change for the better - it becomes a competitive environment which only leads to great things. The only people who have an issue with this are those invested in the failing institutions, but you can't provide a service no one wants and expect the tax payers to foot the bill to support you. If you're not doing well at something, make a change for the better, or do something you are good at.

If the person fails to get enough money, or to meet the expectations of institutions willing to loan them money, or work out some other arrangement with the school, then they may fail. That sucks. For them. Not for all of this guys constituents. In failing, that person may find another way to do things. Maybe a better way. I'm a firm believer that when no one gives a job to a hard worker, that person will make a job. Those who can find a way and need to, do.

Super Gay Post

Been a long time since I've posted here.
I had one all ready last week but got distracted by my kid. Who I had by having sex. With a woman...

Because that's what I do, because I'm not gay.


Gay marriage debate is going on in the SupC.
There's a few things about it that come to mind.

  • If gay marriage is legalized, will I become gay and marry a dude? (If so, then I'm against it. If not, then "eh, whatever")
  • For those fighting against because of tradition, and gender roles in the house, are you also fighting with as much gusto against heterosexual relationships that are messed up? I mean really... if you're going to push to dictate what others do, are you being fair in that?
  • For those fighting against gay marriage because of religious reasons, are you also fighting against other sins as well? I mean... everyone does that. Some sins we do choose, but we're all sinful by nature. Some are built in. Are you lobbying against smoking and drinking? Other government subsidized, taxed, or supported sinful activities? What about theft in the form of unauthorized redistribution of your money?
    Also, A church should be able to deny marrying anyone if it's against their teachings. You can't force a choice on a group. You can only go find a group, or start one of your own that fits what you believe.
  • For those who think people will marry tables/chairs/pets... Really? How many contracts has your dog signed? If they have perfect english diction, penmanship, and can pass a legal overview inquiry to the sanity and ability to make decisions on his/her own - then I wish you and Lassie the best.
    As for inanimate objects, no one would marry an object. The sex toy industry would go out of business if everyone were monogamous.
  • For those fighting against it for "the children" ... invoking children for emotional leverage - real classy. Again I bring up heterosexual couples. Are you fighting for all the completely fucked up and shitty heterosexual parents out there?
  • Flamboyant gay men gross me out. It's true. So do people who let their kids go crazy in public. So do heterosexual couples who do very private things in public. So do people who shorten words: "fab" means "fabulous" - just say the whole word, hippie. So does the Harlem Shake. (Banning the marriage of the Harlem Shake to youtube? Now THAT I would have supported)
    Being gross doesn't justify legal action or negating rights. It just means when I see it I have the freedom to let out an "ew" or other audible judgment. It would be under my breath, of course. I don't want to offend anyone.

I personally believe that a child is best brought up in a home with a man and woman. If I thought differently, I'd do differently. I also believe there are gender roles in a family - and that's ok. If another couple (regardless of their sex) think differently, that's ok for them. Will I judge them any more than I already judge other parents? Hell no. It will be the exact same amount. Come on, I'm not homophobic. Just human...and an asshole sometimes... funny. I'm also Funny.

The purpose of regulation and law should be to regulate actions that may impede on another persons right to health and freedom. A regulation on smoking in public keeps your second hand smoke out of my lungs. (In private or in a space specialized for smoking, you're all good) A ban on murder keeps me safe from harm. A law keeping you from threatening me with your weapon keeps me safe. (also keeps you safe from me returning fire.) A ban on gay marriage does nothing for heterosexuals, nor does it impede a heterosexuals access to health or liberty. If it's legal, I won't wake up someday married to a man. If I was, thank God it's so easy to get a divorce in this country.

Basically, it affects some of my friends, but I don't care about them "because they're gay". That's not why we're friends - just like I'm not friends with anyone else because they like the opposite sex. Why is it even an issue to just say "sure, you can be just like everyone else because I don't care where you choose to put your penis, as long as you don't put it near me". (Same rule applies to my straight friends, BTW)

While I truly believe this country was founded on religious principals, the primary purpose was to create a country where the government wouldn't get in the way of your thoughts, feelings, and expression. Get government out of all marriages.


I am easy to find. Quit snooping... snooper.

My Małe Gówno

ok... so it's been over six months since I've made a public post. That little speck of an image in my last post is now a living, breathing, awesome dude.

See? Awesome...

He's already made new friends.

Borring first date
It's good to know a pilot...
So I've been busy doing the dad thing, and loving it. Mom is great. Life is good. Busy, but good. There's my "Hmm, don't I have a blog?" reminder post. I'm still trying to think of what I want to do with lostlocalhost.com - so very much inviting ideas. I'll be on here more often, just need some substance to spew on the internet, which has been quite lacking lately. Adios!

Wash your mouth out with SOPA.

I'm sure almost everyone knows what's going on with SOPA. If not, please give THIS a read...

In short, if this passes I could be censored and shut down simply for posting that link. (yeah right, like reddit cares?)

This stinks of government musings from back in 2009. Remember my post? No? Right here...

I'll never beg someone to call their congressman - but if you're reading this, it will affect you. If we do nothing, we deserve what we get.

Sooooo THAT happened. :)

That's my [BOY/GIRL]!!!! Everyone is convinced it's a boy - I'm only sure it's a human. (99% at least. Right now it's just an adorable parasite)

I'm going to be busy before June. Then incredibly busy after June.

Adam Carolla is in my head...

...at least he's in my head if I were very vulgar, or after a night of a drinking.

WARNING: foul language.

Where there's smoke...

...there's a Cain Train on fire, and there is enough flame to go around.

So Herman Cain has been leading the polls for the GOP primary for a couple weeks now. That was far too long before SOMETHING happened. A few anonymous sources say he did naughty things. How much truth behind this? Only the accuser, Cain, and God really know... Then a woman came out and said he not only sexually harassed her, but actually assaulted her.

Some of my observations...

The anonymous women:

  • Why was there no legal action? Why now? [smoke]
  • One of the women identified filed complaints demanding cash at her next job... pattern? [smoke]

Sharon Bialek:

  • A celebrity lawyer that's been politically involved in the past, really? [smoke]
  • 14 Years later? Your accusations aren't just a personal issue, it's sexual assault. If what you say is true, he should be arrested and thrown away. Why wait? [SMOKE!]
  • She is a republican - which is part of my point in my next section....


  • Covering this more in the first week than all the Obama issues his whole campaign? Shame. [FIRE!]
  • Suggesting this is orchestrated by the left? Doubtful. They would have saved this for after the primary. You think they want to go against Romney? No way. [smoke]


  • First of all, you gave concessions for your 999 plan. Big mistake. [not related, but it's my blog]
  • You handled your press conference almost perfectly. With a few exceptions.
  • Blaming the democrats for this. What-The-Frack? I can't believe those words came out of your mouth unless you have proof. You can't blindly suggest that unless you specifically state it is just a gut feeling. While there may be a difference in severity, how is that much different in principle than what you say these women are doing to you? [FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!]
  • Offering to take a lie detector test. Good idea.
  • Offering to take a lie detector test, then qualifying it. Bad idea. [smoke]
  • Saying you had never met Mrs.Bialek, when there was a fairly detailed account of a meeting you had with her at a Tea Party event a month or so ago on a popular conservative radio talk show hours before your press conference? Either you're not telling the truth about that, or your memory sucks. Either way... [FIRE!]
  • Suggesting that there may be more women coming forward? Dumb move dude. [smoke]
When it comes down to it, you believe these women, or him.
If you believe the women, there are a lot of things that don't make sense or seem a bit shady. If what they say is true, he should be investigated (I'm unsure the statute of limitations on that sort of assault) and punished. He should not be given one more second of coverage as a candidate.

If you believe him, there are a lot of things that don't make sense or seem a bit shady. If what he says is true, the women should be investigated for libel and/or slander and punished. The women should no longer be covered by the media and he should continue on campaigning.

I believe there is some truth in stereotypes and rumor. Not always THE truth, but some. Realistically, there's far too much smoke surrounding him to have my vote. Unless the air gets cleared really quickly, I think he'll lose many more.

Show me your friends...

Show me your friends, and I'll show you your future... Looking back at my life, this seems to have been true. It's not because of the friends, but by my own decisions that attracted the kinds of people I was hanging around with. Luckily I found this to be true when I was young enough to change my future. It's the same concept of "birds of a feather flock together"... So I feel if you really want to see the moral sense of someone, looking at who they associate with is very important.

PJMedia did a great job at looking at the supporters of occupy wall street so far. (List will be updated regularly)

Communist Party USA

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American Nazi Party

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Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran

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Barack Obama

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The government of North Korea

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Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam

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Revolutionary Communist Party

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David Duke

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Joe Biden

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Hugo Chavez

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Revolutionary Guards of Iran

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Black Panthers (original)

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Socialist Party USA

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US Border Guard

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Industrial Workers of the World

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Nancy Pelosi

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Communist Party of China

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International Bolshevik Tendency

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White Revolution

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International Socialist Organization

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PressTV (Iranian government outlet)

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Marxist Student Union

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Freedom Road Socialist Organization

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Party for Socialism and Liberation

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Please comment and let me know what your feelings are, and if you would still like to support a movement supported by groups like this...

Put your money where your whining crying mouth is...

The Hacking group Anonymous has prepared something I totally support based around the Occupy [Your Space Here] movement... A boycott. God Bless! Anonymous is using capitalist means to dictate the market - just the way it should be.

I actually hope some of these wall-streeters take part - not because I personally want any particular bank or person to fail, but because it will actually accomplish something they have been crying about for weeks.
I have money in a couple banks - one I've been very happy with and one I'm not so happy with and plan to consolidate as soon as I can. Good on these folks for following suit.

Blast from the past...

While going through some of my old posts I wanted to see how far off I was then to where we are now. Then while doing my normal rounds of reading, I found an article on Business Insider called "Here's the Chart That Will Get Obama Fired" and it sure looks like I expected it would have back in 2009.

At the time of my "There are three kinds of lies..." post, we were at the high of just over 10% - and the only excuse anyone could provide was that it was worse than their predictions had shown them. Meanwhile conservatives who told the left this would happen were what? Insane psychics?!

If I fail to understand a problem at work, and then promise that my plan is the right one to fix the issue and it gets worse, I'm fired. Hey BigO (and company), you're all about "fairness" right?

Retaining the new and in with the old... Or something...?

About a year ago I changed servers for this blog. It looks far less cool than what it use to look like, and I had really calmed down with the political posts... With that said, I had always wanted to recover many of my old thoughts and transfer them to here - which I did today.

When I originally started LLHost years ago it was about my journey through pilot training for my private pilots licence. It then became a journal for my experience with joining the Air Force. I have kept most of the posts on these items off of this new version, as I feel they are both somewhat pointless now, and those topics would be better suited for future discussions.

So some of my favorites from years past...

Because I had to transfer these from the old database manually, the dates are only accurate to the month and year - not the day or time. Also, many of the links in the stories will not work, but I expect to fix those over time.

We Are the |132.5*16/-40|%...

Big protests are shaking up the cities around the country. Pretty crazy stuff. Not completely unexpected, but completely lacking a unified message other than "we're pissed at people who have stuff". Some of my favorite gems so far...

Story on cleanliness, including a disturbing image of a classy gentleman defecating on a police car.

I can't find the video, but a protester was complaining about being unemployed and when asked if she was offered a job right now would she take it she said "Absolutely not"... Really? /facepalm

EDIT 10/10: Found the clip... Quote wasn't quite as I had remembered, but here you can see it for yourself.

I'm all for a good protest, but it has to be done well, and legal. The second you break the law, or you defy your own arguments you become a joke. Someone, somehow, made a list of demands that would be laughable if it wasn't real. Thankfully (?) this isn't an official list, but a truly "official" list will never exist because nothing is official about this until unions and political groups get involved - which they are starting to.
I'll only touch on a few of the insane ideas...

Demand two: Institute a universal single payer healthcare system
Because why let one person create a business to make a contract with another person about healthcare? It's better to have our taxes taken from us and used on something some people may not want? I am not responsible for your healthcare, YOU ARE.

Demand three: Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment.
I wish this was a joke. What's the point of doing anything? Doesn't this just scream "I'm lazy and want to be taken care of for doing nothing"?! how can these people be taken seriously? I am not responsible for your free ride through life. YOU ARE.

Demand four: Free college education.
Give-me-a-break. Education is NOT a right. It is a responsibility. Who owns that responsibility? It's not the government, it's not other tax payers, and it sure isn't the collegiate system in place. It's you and/or your parents responsibility. If you want to learn more, find the right place and/or people to learn from, there is nothing that guarantees it will be free, and nor should it. Teach your children. If you can't teach them enough  to live a productive life, maybe you need to pay someone to teach them for you. I am not responsible for your or your child's education, YOU ARE.

Demand six: One trillion dollars in infrastructure (Water, Sewer, Rail, Roads and Bridges and Electrical Grid) spending now.
Where did this 1T number come from? Pulling it from air? I agree that infrastructure is one of the responsibilities of the state and local government  - so I'm not totally against the heart of this point, but it's what our taxes already goto - so again I ask, where did the 1T figure come from, what do they feel is lacking, and why should this be a national issue?

Demand eight: Racial and gender equal rights amendment.
When there is evidence of favoring equal candidates only for racial or gender reasons, that establishment should be held legally accountable, but we already have laws for this. Does this also mean abolishing the practice of affirmative action?

Demand nine: Open borders migration. anyone can travel anywhere to work and live.
I swear these people are smoking the stuff that's already coming over the border... This combined with a guaranteed living wage, free education, and free healthcare? Who will support the world? If these people's answers would be "the rich folks of America" I bet they wouldn't even say thank you if those people choose to do it. They think they are ENTITLED to these things?!

Demand eleven: Immediate across the board debt forgiveness for all. Debt forgiveness of sovereign debt, commercial loans, home mortgages, home equity loans, credit card debt, student loans and personal loans now! All debt must be stricken from the "Books." World Bank Loans to all Nations, Bank to Bank Debt and all Bonds and Margin Call Debt in the stock market including all Derivatives or Credit Default Swaps, all 65 trillion dollars of them must also be stricken from the "Books." And I don't mean debt that is in default, I mean all debt on the entire planet period.
Yep. They're definitely smoking some wacky stuff. Again, doesn't this sound like someone saying "I kind of maxed my credit card and don't feel like paying... Can't we just be friends and forget about it?" In old school Chi-town you'd have your kneecaps broken for much less than the trillions we're in the hole for. I AM responsible for the debt I have and have promised to pay it. I expect no one to forgive my debt because I have integrity and honor my word.

Demand thirteen: Allow all workers to sign a ballot at any time during a union organizing campaign or at any time that represents their yeah or nay to having a union represent them in collective bargaining or to form a union.
I have no issues with the basic right for a group of people to try and negotiate with their employer for better conditions or pay. As long as they also understand the company can say "No, we can't afford your conditions. Either get back to work or you're fired." As an employer, I expect to hire who I want. If you don't like it then I promise that no one will force you to work for me.

So while this is not an "officialy sanctioned" list of demands by the "group" - it's the closest one I could find and the only one making rounds. Road to totalitarianism is the new jiveword for this, and really - it is.
While there might be some similarities between this occupy XXX movement and the Tea Party beginnings, their intentions, goals, and tactics are so far from each other I'm surprised when people make a comparison of them. (BTW, Media... Shame on you)
The new buzz item for the folks in the middle is the 53%. "We are the %53" is a collection of people sharing their "hey, I had/have it rough too" stories through tumblr with a much different ending. Instead of a "Damn you for not giving me enough because I deserve it" message, there is a message of personal responsibility blaming themselves, sometimes with the explanation of how they pulled themselves out of the crap-situations they've been in.

I'm not sure where either of these groups/movements will land, but I know for sure the OWS people can learn from reading stories of people who have went through hard times and found a way out. Instead of turning down a job from a rich guy only because he's rich, or waiting for a poor person to pay you what you think you're entitled to, why not find a way to make a good or offer a service that others will want? Become that poor person who will give away your money to another person to help them. Become that rich person so you can give away all your money and save the world how you see fit. People have done it before you, and some are the people you're protesting.

Personally, I can understand many of the issues the OWS folks originally started protesting, but solutions never start with regulation and government. They start with yourself, as demonstrated by the 53%.

If I had an IAm|132.5*16/-40|% (#IAm53 #IAmThe53) story....?

I never got anything I thought I was entitled to.
I never give to those who expect.
I am in debt, and will repay every cent, no matter how many vacations or items I pass up.
When I don't see the way, I will make a way.

I own my mistakes.

Short, sweet, and to the point. Those close to me know my story - and really, those are the only people who matter.

With fear of being called old... I leave with Dragnet.

I Got Some Ink!

...well, some food coloring, actually. A while ago I had mentioned to the owners of learnmyshot.com that I'd like to see their take on inking: the process of using a colored liquid mixed into another liquid and getting interesting images out of them. They obliged, and I avoided doing chores for the wife for an afternoon.

Considering I do not have a lighting setup, gels, an off-camera flash, or a decent tank - I think a couple of these are decent for a first shot. Though, I still plan to do this again when I have a better way to light and shoot it.
Here are a couple of my favorites...

1/200 f/16 IOS100 1/200 f/22 ISO100

1/320 f/13 IOS100 1/200 f/22 ISO100
You can see the rest in the "Water and Fire" gallery.

Car shoot #1...

Had a buddy ask for some help shooting his and another friends BMW's. Took my 350 out for the fun too. I still haven't gotten them all done, but I do have a few finished.