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Where there's smoke...

...there's a Cain Train on fire, and there is enough flame to go around.

So Herman Cain has been leading the polls for the GOP primary for a couple weeks now. That was far too long before SOMETHING happened. A few anonymous sources say he did naughty things. How much truth behind this? Only the accuser, Cain, and God really know... Then a woman came out and said he not only sexually harassed her, but actually assaulted her.

Some of my observations...

The anonymous women:

  • Why was there no legal action? Why now? [smoke]
  • One of the women identified filed complaints demanding cash at her next job... pattern? [smoke]

Sharon Bialek:

  • A celebrity lawyer that's been politically involved in the past, really? [smoke]
  • 14 Years later? Your accusations aren't just a personal issue, it's sexual assault. If what you say is true, he should be arrested and thrown away. Why wait? [SMOKE!]
  • She is a republican - which is part of my point in my next section....


  • Covering this more in the first week than all the Obama issues his whole campaign? Shame. [FIRE!]
  • Suggesting this is orchestrated by the left? Doubtful. They would have saved this for after the primary. You think they want to go against Romney? No way. [smoke]


  • First of all, you gave concessions for your 999 plan. Big mistake. [not related, but it's my blog]
  • You handled your press conference almost perfectly. With a few exceptions.
  • Blaming the democrats for this. What-The-Frack? I can't believe those words came out of your mouth unless you have proof. You can't blindly suggest that unless you specifically state it is just a gut feeling. While there may be a difference in severity, how is that much different in principle than what you say these women are doing to you? [FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!]
  • Offering to take a lie detector test. Good idea.
  • Offering to take a lie detector test, then qualifying it. Bad idea. [smoke]
  • Saying you had never met Mrs.Bialek, when there was a fairly detailed account of a meeting you had with her at a Tea Party event a month or so ago on a popular conservative radio talk show hours before your press conference? Either you're not telling the truth about that, or your memory sucks. Either way... [FIRE!]
  • Suggesting that there may be more women coming forward? Dumb move dude. [smoke]
When it comes down to it, you believe these women, or him.
If you believe the women, there are a lot of things that don't make sense or seem a bit shady. If what they say is true, he should be investigated (I'm unsure the statute of limitations on that sort of assault) and punished. He should not be given one more second of coverage as a candidate.

If you believe him, there are a lot of things that don't make sense or seem a bit shady. If what he says is true, the women should be investigated for libel and/or slander and punished. The women should no longer be covered by the media and he should continue on campaigning.

I believe there is some truth in stereotypes and rumor. Not always THE truth, but some. Realistically, there's far too much smoke surrounding him to have my vote. Unless the air gets cleared really quickly, I think he'll lose many more.


Da Curly Wolf said...

Why is it a shock that he said this was orchestrated this scandal my friend? The Dems, especially the "Chicago Machine" that gave us Obama and supports him..is known for this kind of crap. Also for stuffing ballot boxes, false votes from people that have been dead 20yrs or so, manufacturing scandals, paying bribes, intimidating voters[black panthers at the polls when Obama was elected is the most recent example] on and on ad infiniteum.

I keep waiting for them to uncork the creme de la creme of these kind of tactics.
It's always been said that the fastest way to kill a career is with a dead girl or a live boy. Sadly the former which SHOULD have killed Ted Kennedy didn't. More is the pity on that score as it took us 50yrs to get rid of his ass.

I Don't believe the women. as to why? read my response to you and basset back over on 2x4.

lostlocalhost said...

Why is it a shock? First of all, there is no proof. If I'm going to hold the left to requiring proof of their allegations, I'm going to hold the right to it as well.

Also, as I mentioned, this sort of thing has a limited playtime in the news - even when stretched out by the MSNBCs of the country. This would NOT be the best time to unveil this against Cain. As much as I hate him, Romney has a better chance to beat the BigO, so if anything the left would want Cain to win the primary and have this dumped on him after that. The only way this would have been a strategy by them is if they felt he was more of a threat than Romney, or they wanted to keep playing the race card against the GOP.

Yet again I ask, where's the beef? Err... proof, I mean.

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