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Pa_tisan voting? get _i_ of it...

Today on the radio there was a discussion about partisan voting, and the impact on the party system (mainly Democracts) if there wasn't an "R" or a "D" on the ballot. I have been talking about this for years!

Detroit and Philadelphia were used as examples and he questioned what would happen if the Democrats could not rely on black voters who only vote for the "D". He also questioned what the democrats have done for those black voters, considering these cities are crap-holes despite being Democrat controlled for decades. (Eight decades in Detroits case, and about six in Philadelphias case)

Even something as simple as taking the representation off the ballot would force people to actually learn about the candidates before voting and would be a good thing - unless you promote unpopular things. Unfortunately, I don't think it will ever happen. BTW, this is for all races - not just black voters, but that was the specific example because they have a high rate of leaning left and generally dominate democratic systems and beleifs. Need another example? Scott Brown, who ran on conservative beleifs just voted for the new stimulus Jobs Bill. I think anyone who votes without knowledge is doing a disservice to their neighbors.

I'm proven wrong... YEA!

I've mentioned in the past my feeling towards my generation and their general lack of political awareness. (or at least common sense) It seems I may have jumped the gun on that notion though.

CNN reports that at least %60, and possibly up to %80 of attendees of CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) were expected to be under 30. As for actual numbers, I've seens stats say between %48 and %54 of attendees were between 18 and 25. That surprises me. I would have been expecting numbers in the teens, or lower.

How many accidents have YOU had this year?

Vice President Biden's motorcade has been in three accidents in the last three months - one resulting in a death.

When mentioning this to my wife she had the most logical reply...
"Damn, our insurance would drop us like a bad habbit"


Super Bowl...

Congratz Saints. I should have bet on it. For my good colt fan friends Bob and Kristi (we call them Bobsti) I offer this image.

Another amusing justification...

Yet again, I see some of the things I write about or reference in other, more reputable, articles...

That particular article is about the economical lies the Big O has spewed, and offers a simple solution to INSTANTLY CUT THE DEFICIT IN HALF!

On another note: I was in the ER yesterday for a bad reaction to some medication. My health insurance seems to be working just fine.